Expanding Coagulation Testing in the Hospital Point of Care setting

  • Features multiple enhancements to the previous generation of CoaguChek devices (CoaguChek XS Plus and CoaguChek XS Pro)
  • Brings the lab closer to the patient in the hospital environment
  • Supports Vitamin K Antagonist (VKA) therapy monitoring in the professional segments, such as anticoagulation (AC) clinics and doctor’s offices
  • Two assays can be determined with the new CoaguChek Pro II meter
  • – Prothrombin Time (PT) (with extended claims)
  •  – Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)

The CoaguChek Pro II coagulation meter features

  • 2-D barcode reader for patient, operator and controls identification for faster ID entry
  • Universal battery pack, charging via power adapter and/or Base Unit *(HBU)
  • Enhanced connectivity through wireless technology and/or the unique QR code feature
  • PT/INR results in approximately 1 minute
  • aPTT results in less than 5 minutes
  • Side and top dosing options with a drop of venous, capillary or arterial fresh whole blood (min. 8 µL)

Clinically Vital

  • From the floors to the OR to the ER to the ICU, aPTT and PT results are in your hands in real time

Enhanced Connectivity

  • Critical information is available when and where it is needed most
  • Wireless connectivity and bar code reader for digital input and output
  • QR code feature enables data transmission to any data management system immediately, with no need to transcribe results for a streamlined workflow

CoaguChek Pro II Kit contains:

  • 1 CoaguChek Pro II instrument
  • 1 handheld power supply unit
  • 1 user manual in English
  • 1 CD-ROM with other languages: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch

Optional accessories:

  • Handheld base unit kit: docking station (to recharge the battery pack and transfer data to a computer)

Additional required components:

CoaguChek PT Test strips

  • – Box with 2 vials of 24 strips with a code chip

CoaguChek PT Controls:

  • 4 vials of level 1 control
  • 4 vials of level 2 control
  • 8 diluent-filled droppers
  • 1 code chip