Bambach Vinyl Cutaway Saddle Stool

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Bambach Cutaway Stool 

Unlike the conventional seat, the Bambach saddle stool promotes good posture and eliminates any problem related to it. Your spine as you sit in a conventional chair is in a ‘C’ like shape instead of the natural ‘S’ shape that it should be in. This causes the discs in your spine to be under pressure and in turn, puts your organs under pressure too. However, the Bambach saddle stools provide a pain-free sitting experience and a proper posture.

This saddle stool has a slightly re-contoured shape, it is narrower at the front which allows for the knees to be closer together with less abduction of the hip. This makes it perfect for people with narrow hips or limited abduction.

Why are Bambach stools so great?

The Bambach stool is scientifically proven to help you sit in a natural and comfortable position, all while preventing or relieving posture problems. This is due to the saddle-shaped seat naturally promoting good posture, your lungs and internal organs will have plenty of space to work, with one of the most common improvements being elevated breathing and relief from indigestion.

The Bambach saddle stool allows for the pelvis to be in an upright and neutral position so that the neck, head, spine and shoulders are in the optimum position for the best performance. The saddle stool also promotes good blood circulation as it is difficult to cross your legs while sitting on the Bambach saddle stool, meaning that lymph and blood circulation to your legs is assured.

If that was still not enough the Bambach stools reduce the change of getting hip-problems the older we get. Once again this is due to the saddle seat forcing the large bone above out knee (the femur) to rotate into its hip joint closer than in everyday life. 

It is a perfect seat for everyday life, office work, dentist and doctors.

Product Information

  • All Bambach saddle stools are equipped with a gas lift for height adjustment. (The standard gas lift is ideal for people up to 1.90m tall, for smaller or larger gas lifts please call.)
  • The patented saddle design supports the pelvis and allows the spine to fall into the natural ‘S’-shape.
  • This avoids incorrect posture and leads to a healthy sitting position
  • Promotes good circulation
  • Extremely comfortable
  • No backrest.
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Made from vinyl, suitable for alcohol-based cleaning products


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