• The catheter is made from polyurethane which is firm at room temperature and softer at body temperature, kink resistant and biocompatible: patient comfort is enhanced. This catheter is radio-opaque.
  • The quality of the level of the internal needle ensures a precise incision.
  • The perfectly tapered catheter tip allows the catheter to enter the vein without causing any venous trauma and an easy placement of the catheter. In this way, the comfort of the patient is guaranteed. The optimum Level/catheter tip distance reduces the risk of passing through the vein.
  • The winged catheter hub ensures easy fixation of the catheter. The EN/ISO coloured hub of the Versatus? range with wings confirms the catheter size.
  • The injection port allows the intermittent injection of medicines during infusion. Due to the central position, there are fewer risks of damaging the vein and patient trauma during intermittent injection.
  • o 24G x 19mm (Yellow)