Braun PRO6000/PRO4000/PRO3000 Thermoscan Lens Covers (200)

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  • Braun PRO6000 Thermoscan Lens Covers (200)
  • Compatible with most Braun Thermoscans
  • Single use probe covers.
  • Minimises risk of cross-infection.
  • Pack of 200 covers.
  • Extremely easy to use, all you have to do is place the cover over the probe and use the thermometer.

These probe covers will fit the following thermometers:

Welch Allyn Pro 3000
Welch Allyn Pro 4000
Welch Allyn Pro 6000
Braun IRT4520 Thermometer

Once used, you can remove the cover and dispose it. This protects the probe of the thermometer from damage and also keeps it clean. The probe covers protect the spread of infection from one patient to another. Get this extremely easy to use product and be assured that the thermometer is just checking your temperature and not giving you one.



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