Woodpecker Air Purifier

Woodpeckers Air Purifiers – over 500 customers cannot be wrong!

Over 500 Woodpecker Air purifier units have been sold in Ireland since the start of the pandemic. Customers include dental and medical surgeries, pharmacies, schools, offices, crèches, hair salons and restaurants.

While there are lots of air purifiers on the market, the Woodpecker brand is popular because it is effective and economical to run, using high voltage electricity to kill viruses rather than expensive hepa filters that require regular replacement.

The presence of an Air Purifier in a room gives extra peace of mind to staff and customers and shows the owner really cares about the health and welfare of their employees, customers and visitors.

Two models are available, dependent on the size of the room and number of air changes required per hour. The Q3 will purify the air in a standard 4x4m room up to eight times an hour while the larger Q7 unit will provide over 11 air changes per hour in a 6x5m room with standard ceiling height. Call for more details www.medical4u.ie https://bit.ly/3mAzop2


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