Curaprox Perio Plus Regenerate Mouthwash 0.09% 200ml

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Oral care and regeneration

  • Chlorhexidine concentration: 0.09%. Also features Hyaluronic Acid. Perio Plus+ Regenerate supports tissue regeneration after dental surgery and treatment-related dry mouth.

Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouthwash with CHX 0.09% and CITROX ®/P formula (200  ml)

Active ingredients

  • Chlorhexidine digluconate 0.09% for proven chemical control of bacteria
  • CITROX ®/P forumla “ natural extract of bitter oranges combined with polylysine amino acids to ensure long-lasting antibacterial effects
  • Cyclodextrin for protection against viruses and to prevent bad breath
  • Hyaluronic acid to accelerate regeneration
  • Xylitol for a pleasant taste, to protect against caries and ensure strong teeth
  • PVP/VA for a highly effective protective film over the teeth, gums and oral mucosa
  • No alcohol





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