Mindray BeneHeart C1A Defibrillator


The BeneHeart Defibrillator is the most powerful available 

  • Quickest shock defibrillator available
  • Simple switch between adult and child use
  • Single pad for all patients – adults and children
  • Escalating levels of shock, different levels for adults and children
  • Pads compatible with pads used in ambulances
  • 8 year WARRANTY, 5 year BATTERY from installation, 5 year PADS from date of manufacture

This defibrillator runs a test every day.
Every 5 seconds, a flashing green light lets you know the defibrillator is ready if needed.
Please don’t open the lid as this turns on the defibrillator and uses up battery power needlessly.
A flashing red light indicates that it may need a new set of pads or a new battery.
Please run a self test in this case only – see instructions below.




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